Calendar Of Events 2023

Revised 7/15/23

Feb 2, 3, 4                     Adams Motorsports Park, Riverside, CA

January 1            Hangover Play Day and Swap Meet,

                             Promoter Option*. 

                            Kinsman Kart Club, Dixon, CA. 

                            Contact Gary Crawford 925-586-1027

Due to weather, Rides of March canceled.

March 11              Rides of March and Swap Meet, Promoter Option. 

                            Kinsman Kart Club, Dixon, CA. 

                            Contact Gary Crawford 925-586-1027

April 14-16          16 Annual Bakersfield Vintage Kart Shootout,

                             VKCA Major**: 1956 - later karts as per VKCA Mission Statement and 2021 Rules

                            Bakersfield Kart Track, Bakersfield, CA.

                            Contact Steve Shaw 510-828-9151

June 16-17          Black Jack Play Days, Promoter Option.

                            Desert Park Race Way, Reno, NV.

                             Contact John and Melinda Rugani 831-426-3629

August 4-6           VKCA Major: 1956 - later karts as per VKCA Mission Statement and 2021 Rules. 

                            Santa Maria Kart Track, Santa Maria, CA.

                            Contact Steve Shaw 510-828-9151

September 1-2     Jack Hovey Memorial Playday and Swap Meet, Promoter Option.

                              Blue Max Kart Club, 24998 Country Road 102, Davis, CA.

                              Contact Denise Langum 209-324-4462

October 6-7          Play Daze, Promoter Option.

                             Shasta Kart Klub, 6030 Old Oregon Trail, Redding CA.

                             Contact Fred Willis 530-526-4798

November 18       17 Annual Rob Jones Memorial Turkey Trot Playday, Promoter Option.

                            Kingsman Kart Club, Dixon, CA.

                            Contact Gary Crawford 925-586-1027

November 24       8th Annual Turkey Shoot Adams Kart Track Playday, Promoter Option.

                            Adams Kart Track, Riverside, CA.

                            Contact Jay Mendoza 949-292-5379


Check with promoter for event details


* Play Day events are Promoter Option with karts allowed that may be newer than 1980.Play Day rules are at the discretion of the local promoter and the local promoter is responsible for conduct at these events. Participants should contact the promoter of Play Days to determine restrictions or expansion of years allowed to participate.

** Major events require that karts adhere to the guidelines in the VKCA Mission Statement and the 2021 Rules on the Club Info page. Major events are Bakersfield, Santa Maria and Medford and sanctioned by VKCA rules.