Calendar Of Events 2018

Revised 7/29/18

February 1-3              Adams Motorsports Park, Riverside, Ca

March 16-17         Dixon - Rides of March, Promoter Option*: (1956 -1980 karts).

                            Contact Gary Crawford 925-586-1027

March 31              Jack Hovey Play Day, Ione CA

                            Contact Will Rogers 530-878-7594

April 20-22           Bakersfield, VKCA Major**: 1956 -1975 karts only.

                             Contact Gary Crawford 925-586-1027

May 4-5                Redding, Promoter Option: (Rear engine only). 

                            Contact Fred Willis 530-526-4789

June 9                 Stockton Play Day, Under the Lights, 

                             Stockton Little 99 Kart Track Stockton Fair Grounds, CA

                             Contact Allen Settles 209-598-3124

July 27-28            Marina, Promoter Option: (1956 -1985 karts).

                            Contact John Rugani 831-426-3629

August 17-19        Santa Maria, VKCA Major: 1956 -1975 karts only.

                            Contact Gary Crawford 925-586-1027

August 17-19        Tacoma, Promoter Option: (1956 -1988 karts).

                            Contact Jack Lehman 253-229-4760

September 21-23  Medford, VKCA Major: 1956 -1975 karts only.

                            Contact Gary Crawford 925-586-1027

October 19-21     Davis Play Weekend, Blue Max Kart Club, Davis, CA

                            Saturday Swap Meet and Pot Luck Lunch, 

                             please bring something to share.

                             Contact Gary Crawford 925-586-1027 

November 30-December 1

                             Dixon - Turkey Trot, Promoter Option: (1956 -1980 karts).

                             Contact Gary Crawford 925-586-1027

November 2-4       Vintage Play Weekend  

                              Mussleman Honda Circut, 11800 S. Harrison Rd., Tuscon, AZ 85710

                              Contact Dean Kanocz 602-369-8337


Check with promoter for event details


* Play Day events are Promoter Option with karts allowed that may be newer than 1975 - i.e. 1976, 1977 etc. Participants should contact the promoter of Play Days to determine restrictions or expansion of years allowed to participate. Play Day rules are at the discretion of the local promoter and the local promoter is responsible for conduct at these events.

** Major events require that karts adhere to the VKCA Mission Statement which allow only karts that fall within 1956 -1975 years to participate. Major events are Bakersfield, Santa Maria and Medford and sanctioned by VKCA rules.